Kel McBride
End of Life and Legacy Consultant 
Let me help you explore your options, clarify your hopes and needs and craft a tool to explain your end of life plans for those who will care for the details.
Learn about the many options available to you to create a unique experience that conveys your spirit and individuality
Build the paperwork you require and ensure your final wishes are clear, informed and easy to find.
Express your wants and needs to ensure your plans will be followed by exploring not just the “what” but the “why”
Positive and Supportive Environment
  We will focus our time and energy on your plan. Classes are lively, engaging and even occasionally entertaining - not long, sad stories of bereavement. Yes, Clearly Depart classes are all about you and the people who care about you. You will be orchestrating and drafting a blueprint for your final days to show your individuality and the vitality of the life you lived.
Find Freedom of Mind from the Clearly Depart Experience
Create a Calmer Mourning for Those You Leave Behind
Express Your True Self Craft an Individualized End of Life Plan
  Experience that feeling of joy a person gets crossing that last item off of their list or achieving a long desired goal by completing a life task we all know we need to complete. We are here to support you and make it an enjoyable experience.
  The people you love will be able to simply follow your plan, knowing they are following your clearly defined wishes without guesswork, assumed tradition or bereaved guilt. You will be giving them an open space to mourn, think about your relationship with you and consider your legacy rather than the small and big details of your health care, body, event and will.
  You are unique! You can create a unique experience and build your legacy by crafting your ideal departure, celebration and monument. Explore the variety of modern and historic options available to make your experience one for everyone to remember.
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Don’t Just “Kick the Bucket”,
Tackle Your “Bucket List”!
Research shows the more accepting we are of our own death, the more likely we are to sharply focus how we live our own lives. You can turn that bucket list into experiences you “will do” not just “want to do”.  Also when we fully accept that we all will die, and permit that emotion to be a part of our daily lives it allows for a calmer and more accepted eventual death - a “good death”.
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